service_courierCourier Services
In every business there are scenarios that you just can’t predict, and time is one thing that you can’t ever buy back. But when it comes to transporting your valuable parcels and documents, you can be rest assured that Meteor Logistics Xpress will handle its task with the utmost timeliness and courtesy. Our couriers handle all parcels, no matter the size, and will deliver it safely at the time appointed by you. Further, Meteor offers tracking services and call/email confirmations for special shipments once they have been received.
Tiers of Courier Services:
1-Hour: Pickup and delivery made within 1 hour of notification
2-Hour: Pickup and delivery made within 2 hours of notification
3-Hour: Pickup and delivery made within 3 hours of notification
4-Hour: Pickup and delivery made within 4 hours or next day of notification

service_cargoLarge Cargo
Meteor Logistics Xpress offers delivery options for those parcels that are oversized, heavy, fragile, and unwieldy. Whether you’re transporting thousands of pounds of paper, catered food, or faberge eggs, our fleet can handle any order and deliver your shipment on time and in excellent condition.
We can help determine whether your freight requires a cargo van, box trucks, flat beds, or a 53 foot truck and trailor. We offer both intra-city and inter-city fright services, so whether it’s around the corner or across the country, Meteor delivers.
Tiers of Service for Large Cargo Deliveries:
Standard: Pickup and delivery with 4 hours of notification
Hotshot: Pickup and delivery within 2.5 hours of notification
(Price further determined by number of skids that the delivery will require.)

In addition to guaranteed prompt delivery of your cargo, we also offer you the option of storing your items in clean, dry space with 24-hour security. With your items safe and secure on our premises, they are available for immediate retrieval and transportation at the time you appoint.
We offer pricing packages based on the length of stay in our warehouse. For your secure storage needs, call (972) 235-5050 now and ask about our daily, weekly, and monthly rates.



Air Freight/Next Flight Outimage_freight Meteor can transport your critical packages across the country the same day utilizing the Next Flight Out service. Whether it’s a commercial airline or a cargo plane, we can get your package anywhere in the nation with proper notice.
Our network of agents across the nation can assist us in the transportation of your shipment from any point of origin to any destination providing door-to-door service, real time proof of delivery, tracking and real time status updates.
When next day is not soon enough, call Meteor and let us set up your Next Flight Out service.